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"The quality of housing is the quality of life"


The environmental friendliness, beauty, and convenience of your housing, the quality of materials used in construction, decor, practicality, and durability of coatings – all this constitutes the quality of your home. Therefore, the quality of housing directly affects the quality of life.


We are company Nord House Group and we take care of the quality of your housing.

Thus, we take care of you, your family, and the quality of your life.


The expertise and professionalism of housing decor allow us to carry out the work of any complexity according to or without a design project. We find understanding and common language with each customer and make the best of all your designs.



Drywall is environmentally friendly and practical material, that allows to build both simple, flat walls, and make any design fantasy happen. The cost of the work depends on the volume and complexity of the mounting.


Walls are popular and simplest type of space zoning in modern apartments and houses. The costs of work and consumables are low. The speed of mounting is high.


Arches are an available way to personalize the interior. They provide zoning of the aisle rooms, leaving the sense of the free space. We will ensure that the mounting is accurate and tidy according to your design or your designer's project.


Wall sheeting
The walls are sheeted with drywall to align complex surfaces, as well as for thermal and noise insulation. Sheeting with drywall allows for hiding all the necessary communications within the walls. We can sheet walls with moisture-proof or ignition protected drywall in special facilities.


Ceiling structures
Ceiling structures are another way to personalize your living space. Design decisions in this area can sometimes surprise even us. We implement projects of any complexity – double or even triple level suspended ceiling structures, various carols for lamps and LED-ribbons. If you don't have a design project, but you want to make your ceiling unique, we will work together and you'll get the best result.


Carols, shelves, fireplace portals
Drywall is a versatile material which can be used to build almost any structures – racks, shelves, carols for paintings, fireplace portals, furniture items, and sliding door wardrobes. The complexity of the structures depends on your fantasy and budget only.


Tiles are a beautiful decorative solution for personalizing the interior. The tile is one of the longest-lasting coatings if mounting technologies are followed. We perform both tile laying with dismantling of the old lining and in new rooms from scratch. An important point is the proper tile selection for different purposes. The material and degree of abrasion are decisive. Read more...

Bathroom and toilet
When selecting the floor and wall tiles, the most important is the resistance to high humidity and domestic chemical agents. Mounting technology also takes into account the need to stop the access of humidity to structural walls. It is important to follow the technology from the prior alignment of the walls to the finish grouting.

Aesthetic considerations are sufficient to guide the selection of tiles for kitchen splash back. As far as the floor tiles are concerned, it is important to remember that they are constantly affected by falling of dishes and household appliances, and by the transfusion of various liquids in the kitchen. In order not to blame yourself later for constant cleaning up, we do not recommend choosing textured or porous tiles.

Hallways and corridors
High durability is the main characteristic to consider when selecting tiles to cover the floor of hallways and corridors. The flooring in these areas should be particularly qualitative. Therefore, the tile must be of the highest durability class.

The yard and the home adjacent area

The laying of outdoor tiles puts serious demands on the laying technology. Temperature, precipitation and high humidity can seriously affect the durability of the laying. Only by strictly observing technology can we be sure that the qualitative result will be retained for many years to come.

Finishing materials
Finishing of the rooms includes a large number of operations that give your home a complete, ideal view. The quality of finishing depends directly on the professionalism and expertise of the experts, attention to details, in-depth knowledge and experience in every aspect. Read more...


Shell and core fit out of walls, ceilings and reveals are the base for all subsequent work. Surface variations and roughness, especially in new housing, can be several centimeters. And it's very important to choose between a set of drywall or plastering. The process is not easy and time-consuming. However, as a rule, plaster consumes less space than drywall, which can be critical in small rooms.


Walls pre-coating filler
The need for plastering occurs if you want to prepare the surface for a further finishing. Using a putty, you can blank off small (up to 10 mm) cracks and chipped plaster, making walls and ceilings perfectly smooth.


Painting of walls and ceilings
It is one of the most popular types of finishing. The use of emulsion paints is considered to be the most practical, environmentally friendly and cost efficient way. The speed of work is high.


Decoration with wallpapers
It is the old, proven classics. There is a great many of the various materials on the market – paper, non-woven, vinyl, fiberglass, and photo wallpapers. There are both wallpapers with pictures and wallpapers for further painting. The wallpaper hanging requires skills and training, and the result is highly dependent on the artistry.


Painting and colouring of wallpapers
Wallpapers for further painting make it easy to update the interior. You just have to choose a different colour and our masters will turn your design fantasies into reality.


Floor painting
It is the most popular type of floor finishing by the owners of wooden floors in cottages and other homes in similar wooden style. It is environmentally friendly and very practical.


Floor design

Traditional and modern flooring will make your home warm, cosy, and environmentally friendly. The choice of flooring is great; each material has its own characteristics and advantages for the different premises of your home. Precise planning and good mounting will make daily walking on the floor as comfortable and calm as possible. Read more...

Laminated flooring
It is a practical material consisting of several layers – fibreboard, protection against humidity, decorative paper with a picture and resin protecting the surface from mechanical effects. It has a moderate value, excellent practical characteristics, is mounted on any flat surface, and does not require the laying of floor beams.

Wooden materials
Wooden flooring is a traditional, robust, hypo allergic and green material. The mounting technology is quite work-intensive. First, the floor beams are laid, and then the basic cover, the protective membrane layer, and the finish layer of the tree are mounted. Proper mounting ensures the floor is monolithic and warm, does not dry up or creak. Wooden flooring can be made of different species of wood including exotic ones.

Cork flooring
Cork flooring is another beautiful green material for floors. Unlike wood, cork flooring is not affected by moisture, insects or not flammable. In addition, it is resistant to chemical reagents, has high noise insulation and is very nice to the skin. All of this makes it one of the most sought-after floorings in the living quarters and especially in the children's rooms.